What Clients are Saying

“The coaching training I have received has been phenomenal! I use it with my colleagues to help them unlock the tools that they already possess to empower them to make decisions for a healthier personal and professional life! But it has also changed the way I interact with others and enhanced my performance on my job.” Linda Joyce Gunn, PhD, CPHRM

Course Mentor, MBA Healthcare Management Programs, Western Governors University

“I was extremely excited as I began my life coach training. I had researched coaching and knew it was something I was very interested in pursuing. As I learned about the mentor coaching portion I was not sure what to expect. I knew I wanted to do well but was nervous at the thought of having my coaching critiqued. I am happy to say I have been absolutely amazed at the impact mentor coaching has made on my progress as a coach. Trigena has made the process not only comfortable and enjoyable but also so valuable to my training. Trigena is extremely “in tune” with her coaches and really understands how to motivate and challenge those she mentors. She provides detailed feedback and her attention to detail allows you to stretch yourself as a coach and deepen your understanding of the model. I have learned so much from working with Trigena and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an enlightening coach training experience.” Jennie Aguirre

M. Ed.

“I began my coaching sessions with Trigena with the primary goal of gleaning from her and developing my own coaching skills. Trigena quickly had me looking at myself and my own leadership challenges from different angles, and I found myself uncovering areas for growth and new tools for doing my job better. I did learn a lot about coaching, but I learned more about myself. Thanks Trigena!” Jason Cox

Senior Associate, LEAD International

“As an athlete, I always had a coach to help me accomplish my athletic goals. So, it made perfect sense to get a coach to help me better myself and achieve my career goals. Working with Trigena has been amazing and invaluable. She has helped me to discover my strengths and learn how to improve my weaknesses. Through our work I have learned to hold myself accountable and celebrate my successes. Just as my ski coaches helped me to become the best ski racer I could be, Trigena has helped me to become the best person and professional I can be!” Muffy Davis

4 time Paralympic medalist, motivational speaker, adventurer, entrepreneur

“Trigena is a wonderful asset to us all. She is a progressive thinker, deeply cares for and accepts others. She brings out the best in people. As a roe model and living example of the techniques, and appropriate attitude of a professional coach, Trigena is committed to the profession, her clients and colleagues. Trigena is a very gifted human being—she is enormously insightful, brilliant, always willing to learn as well as teach. She is a strong leader, has a fabulous sense of humor, and she is an extraordinary coach!” J. Val Hastings

Owner, Coaching4BusinessLeaders, Coaching4Clergy