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You and your team can do better.

You are good at what you do. You work with talented people. You want to perform well.

And yet, you miss deadlines, fail to meet revenue goals, and seem unable to close important deals. Small tasks fall through the cracks. No one seems engaged or motivated to fix whatever’s going wrong. What’s the disconnect?

So often, it’s not the tasks of your job that cause problems, it’s the intangibles. Behind the “stuck” feeling, you’ll find miscommunication, distant leadership, and interpersonal conflict—and it all seems way outside your control.

But we see your potentialand we’re not about to let you waste it.

Peak performance is possible.

The problem is not what you’re doing, it’s how you’re doing it. Change the way you show up and results will follow.


Learn that the real you is the best you for the workplace. Find strength and motivation by showing up as you are.


Work together, address conflict, tackle change, create new solutions, and watch as you attract the customers, clients, and success you’re looking for.


Find that working together with team members and clients becomes easy, as people communicate, assist, and freely offer solutions.

Outcomes first.

We promise not to waste your time.

With Peak Performance, everything revolves around outcomes. We’ll create a customized solution unique to you, your team, and your business goalsone that you can start on right away. 

As a leader in a growing company, it is critical to me that we develop our new and next generation leaders.  I reached out to Peak Performance to help us design and deliver a six-month management and leadership course, custom-fit to our team and business. The results have been fantastic.

Bryce Hayes

Executive VP, Telarus

Take your work to the next level.

Performance Coaching

✓ Increase productivity

✓ Work through professional transition

✓ Get clarity on next steps

✓ Increase leadership skills and effectiveness

Training and Development

✓ Communicate effectively 

✓ Grow through change

✓ Build high-performance teams

✓ Improve leadership capacity

✓ Address a team’s unique challenges

Executive Coaching

✓ Improve personal capabilities

✓ Become an emotionally intelligent leader

✓ Navigate and lead change

✓ Improve organizational productivity

Leadership and Executive Programs

✓ Address change in transition

✓ Improve psychological safety and trust

✓ Develop feedback skills

✓ Raise and nurture leaders internally 

✓ Create a culture of coaching

Assessment Centers

✓ Increase self-awareness and build leadership capacity

Level 1: Personality, Behavior, and 360 Assessments/Leadership Coaching

Level 2: Leadership Lab/Individual Feedback Report/Leadership Coaching

Level 3: Personality, Behavior, and 360 Assessments/Leadership Lab/Individual Feedback Report/Leadership Coaching

Let’s get started.

You are the expert at what you do. From your first consultation call through our final goodbyes, we work together as partners. 


Schedule a free consultation.

Schedule your call to determine how we can help you.


Identify your goals.

We’ll work together to get clear on measurable objectives.


Make a plan and adjust until it works.

Move forward in confidence knowing you have a plan in place.

We know our stuff. 

​​Trigena Halley, founder and owner of Peak Performance CCT, has over 25 years of professional experience and 2500+ hours of coaching to bring to the table. She is co-author of A Coach Approach to Leadership: Enhancing Performance, Empowering Others, and Professional Coaching Training. Her Masters in Communication Consultancy accompanies her many certifications, including: Board Certified Coach (BCC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) certification, and MHS Emotional Intelligence.

Hundreds of businesses, leaders, and entrepreneurs have benefited from her coaching. You could be next. 

Trigena is a wonderful asset to us all. She is a progressive thinker, deeply cares for and accepts others. As a living example of the techniques, and appropriate attitude of a professional coach, Trigena is committed to the profession, her clients and colleagues. Trigena is a very gifted human being—she is enormously insightful, brilliant, always willing to learn as well as teach. She is a strong leader, has a fabulous sense of humor, and she is an extraordinary coach!

J. Val Hastings
Owner, Coaching4BusinessLeaders, Coaching4Clergy

The coaching training I have received has been phenomenal! I use it with my colleagues to help them unlock the tools that they already possess to empower them to make decisions for a healthier personal and professional life! But it has also changed the way I interact with others and enhanced my performance on my job.

Linda Joyce Gunn, PhD, CPHRM
Course Mentor, MBA Healthcare Management Programs, Western Governors University

Trigena is the consummate professional and quite skilled in executive leadership development. I frequently seek out her expertise to help our firm Organizational Assessment & Development. Her training presence in front of the classroom is engaging, well researched in best practices, and well received by the participants in her courses who turn to her time and time again for their leadership solutions. The benefit of her knowledge and experience drawn from work with a broad range of clients both in public and private sectors has benefitted our organization immensely.

Vanessa Lujan
Owner and C.O.O., Organizational Assessment & Development LLC

Trigena Halley helped Black Diamond improve our leadership knowledge by putting together a great two-day leadership course for our leaders . . . Everyone left feeling enthusiastic about their role and responsibility to be a great leader.

Nicole Thurman
Vice President of Organizational Development, Clarus Corporation

Trigena is an excellent partner and collaborator who really listens to your needs . . . Her insightful and creative approach allowed for our diverse group of employees to feel comfortable and engaged.

Anjali Pai
Director, Staff Development & Employee Experience, Salt Lake Community College

As an athlete, I always had a coach to help me accomplish my athletic goals. So, it made perfect sense to get a coach to help me better myself and achieve my career goals. Working with Trigena has been amazing and invaluable. Just as my ski coaches helped me to become the best ski racer I could be, Trigena has helped me to become the best person and professional I can be!

Muffy Davis
4-time Paralympic medalist, motivational speaker, adventurer, entrepreneur

Working with Trigena was one of the best decisions I have ever made. She not only brought my vision to life, but exceeded my expectations on all fronts and did it ahead of schedule! I can’t wait for another project I can bring her in on. She is worth every single penny.

Sarah Burton
Operations Manager, University of Utah

I began my coaching sessions with Trigena with the primary goal of gleaning from her and developing my own coaching skills. Trigena quickly had me looking at myself and my own leadership challenges from different angles, and I found myself uncovering areas for growth and new tools for doing my job better. I did learn a lot about coaching, but I learned more about myself.

Jason Cox
Senior Associate, LEAD International

Feel confident in your next step.

When you find it difficult to prioritize, make decisions, or agree on a plan, it’s time to reevaluate your values.

Values are our compass, pointing us in the right direction. When our personal and professional values align, magic happens. We start to experience stability and yet accomplish more than ever. When a team is aligned in their values, they become unstoppable. 

Compass Cards make getting clear on your values simple. With 60+ defined values, it’s easy to compare, evaluate, and determine what’s best for you and your team. 

Find north and you can be sure your next step is the right one. 

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