Originally published by Melanie Kennedy on KUTV.

(KUTV) Life Coach Trigena Halley visited Fresh Living to discuss Why Personality Matters and share results of Debbie and Casey’s personal assessments.

What makes a good team – collaboration, leadership, compromise, effective communication, trust? All of those skills and traits are important, but equally important is our personality. To be effective in working with others we need to understand both what we need to perform well and also what others need from us to perform at their best. So many times when working with others – be it a spouse, co-worker, child or friend – we misinterpret the needs of others or we take others actions as a personal threat when in reality they are simply trying to get the information or perspective needed from their viewpoint to take action or make a good decision. A great way to learn about your unique personality strengths and preferences this is through a self report assessment call the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

The MBTI is a self-report questionnaire designed to help individuals identify their strengths and preferences. The MBTI is a positive way to understand differences between people in both work and personal situations. This assessment is based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, which explains behavior differences in people. Although each individual is unique, these differences fall into patterns for how we prefer to relate to others, where we go to get energy, how we perceive information and how we come to conclusions or make judgments.

An abundance of research supports the use of the MBTI. No other indicator has been as thoroughly studied and tested for validity and reliability. The MBTI is used for many applications, including professional development, building effective teams, communications and conflict. It is a powerful tool that gives insight into ourselves and those we interact with on both a personal and professional basis. By learning about MBTI preferences and how they translate into work behaviors, we can better manage and reduce conflict and become more effective with others by learning to adapt and modify our own communications.

If you want to learn more or take the assessment please contact Trigena Halley at trigena@me.com and mention today’s Fresh Living segment for a 10% discount on the assessment and debrief workshop.